Online Vs. Store Front

Everyone understands in today’s age just how important the use of the internet is in terms of looking up research of really any type of information that you could possibly need, and a lot of times when we need something or want to purchase something, or find a business of some sorts, we will use Google or other search engine sites to help us find the answers to our problems as quickly as possible. And that’s really the biggest thing that has happened to our culture in recent years that has really affected all types of our economy and business sector in general. First of all we should just consider how big of a statement I just said is, and when we come into the whole idea that the entire economy and business sector of the United States has been affected by the fact that consumer want things as quickly as possible, and faster than ever before, we have to understand that by using the internet we are all changing the entire landscape of commerce throughout the entire economy. Of course there will be some businesses that do not catch on to the online trend and of course there will be a lot of businesses that make a ton of money through online transactions and doing commerce online, and the truth of the matter is that these businesses could be absolutely identical in every way in terms of their brick and mortar location and the products that they sell, but one of those companies will just do a better job with their search engine optimization and get all of the business through solid marketing techniques online.

It’s funny that when it comes down to it the businesses that do best are actually the companies that obviously have the best service and products, but also the companies that are doing the best online and making sure that they meet their customer’s expectations in terms of timeliness and convenience online. The psyche of the average American consumer is really simple, and the thing is that from the business perspective of this psyche you are going to want to be right in front of your consumer’s face, literally, when it comes to having a good online presence, but that can sometimes be really expensive when it comes to Google Analytics and getting out there in terms of marketing and other keyword searches that could help your business thrive online. Thriving online is more important now than ever before and that’s simply because if someone wants something they are more than likely going to simply go to their phones and do a general search of something like The Best Tacos in LA, or Tacos close to me, and then that is where the cyber marketing all comes into place and you’ll start to see a bunch of different options on Google from articles that are journalistic about the best tacos in LA from places like LA Weekly or other journalistic publications as well as advertisements for local taco joints that may just so happen to be very close to your exact location in the city of Los Angeles. If this is something that you do all the time, which is more than likely, then you know very well just how effective really good search engine optimization can be because it will totally dictate your decision in business opportunities for so man countless taco joints all across one of the biggest cities in the world known for really good tacos. Once you figure out how to show up for search engine you will be making the big bucks and no longer hiring a lyft but you will hire rolls royce from here on out.

What is so funny about all of this is that when it comes down to the consumer going over their options for where they should hypothetically go eat a taco they are more than likely going to click and go with one of their first two options on the first page of their Google search, and because they are going to go to the very top of the list or whatever they see first because they technically want to get things done as quickly as possible that creates a huge demand for search engine optimization for certain keywords and searches within the confines of Google’s analytics, and I’m telling you this only just the beginning and basic idea of what is happening with search engine optimization.


Social Media

Lots of the posts that people will click on through their social media websites are going to have links that spell out the sort of engaging titles that contain the target keywords. Target keywords and engaging titles are all important parts of SEO. Increasingly, they are some of the most important parts of search engine optimization in a world in which simple keyword stuffing is going to do far more harm than good. The title needs to grab people, and it will grab people whether they find a post on Facebook or whether they find a post on a search engine.

Some people like to mock the concept of click bait titles. However, many people really don’t have any other option when it comes to getting their content out there. There is a very fine line between a title that is just a piece of click bait and a title that is legitimately catchy and creative, which is only going to make the situation that much tougher for people to actually understand properly.

Keywords are still important when it comes to SEO, even though some people are trying to argue that they will only go so far these days. It is true that people cannot just stuff content with keywords any more. Content that appears to have been written around the keywords is going to completely fail to get past all of the spam blockers that a lot of people are going to put in place now, which is going to make this part of SEO marketing worse than useless. However, the right keywords placed into the content at the right time really can help certain pieces of content get spotted, even as it is more and more difficult to simply rely on keywords wholesale.

People who are looking for the more technical type of internet marketing should go with SEO. It is the sort of marketing that calls for people who are essentially text engineers, at least in one way or another. They might have to have a good relationship with their clients, but they’re not going to be able to get by purely on their social skills. Search engine optimization is great for the people who are willing to put in the time to create the content that is going to grab people, and who don’t care how long it takes.


Internet marketing is constantly in the process of changing. A good friend of mine owns Los Angeles Party Bus and their social media built their entire business. People are going to need to stay on top of it as much as possible if they have any hopes of succeeding in this field that never stands still for even one moment. However, some of the overall categories of marketing that existed ten years ago still exist today, so people aren’t going to have to learn new skills each and every week. As long as they are properly engaged when it comes to the Internet landscape, people should be able to help themselves get their products, goods, services, and creative works off the ground.

Social Media

Social media marketing favors the people who want to be able to market their products in the slow way. The people in that situation can issue out a few posts at first and gradually build up their social networks, and they can then start to accumulate more followers and more people who are interested in what they have to say about nearly everything.

Social media marketing is partly about building relationships, which is going to set it apart from a lot of other types of marketing on the Internet. For better or for worse, marketing on the internet has traditionally been all about getting noticed. There is so much content on the internet today that getting noticed is going to be difficult for even people who have some of the best products that people can want in cyberspace or outside of the confines of cyberspace. Getting noticed on social media is important, but people partly get noticed in the first place because they are able to form bonds with people that they might not know in real life in any other capacity.

The people who excel at social skills are going to manage to excel at social media marketing to a greater extent than the people who are really better with the technical side of marketing. These people might succeed when it comes to search engine optimization, but they’re going to have a difficult time striking the rapport with the people who are on social media websites that they will need if they’re going to get real followers. The people who try to follow everyone on social media websites are going to end up with long lists of followers that aren’t actually sharing any content or sharing any of their content, making the followers less than valuable from a marketing perspective. It is more important for the people in this situation to actually try to branch out and interact with the people who are on social media websites.

Being social about some goods and services, particularly goods and services of the mundane variety, might seem difficult. However, in many cases, people just have to strike up relationships with other people on social media, and the context of those relationships won’t entirely matter. People who are trying to market different types of soda can still be friends, and this is ultimately the more important part of this basic type of interaction.

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization, or SEO, is still one of the most important parts of marketing today. Few people are going to be able to get any content out there unless they have enough experience with SEO. Even the people who also use social media marketing are going to need to have the sort of content that uses SEO techniques.


However, the ads that people will see in search engine results and in a lot of the most prominent places are also going to be the sort of PPC ads that people are using to market their products, and these are ads that are going to be next to impossible to ignore. These ads are going to get a lot of clicks. The fees associated with these clicks are going to be relatively tiny, and as long as a few people manage to purchase a few of the products being advertised, the advertisers will manage to compensate for all of the fees that they had to contribute just to keep the ads going in the first place.

Not everyone is going to be able to get the opportunity to participate in the pay per click movement, sadly, which has never been the most accessible type of internet marketing. The people who have managed to get to the top of the search results in any given area are going to be the sorts of people who already have something of a following and already have lots of other advantages in this regard. Many of the people who are struggling to get their products off the ground are going to continue to struggle in that regard, which is unfortunate, and which is going to limit their options when it comes to ads.

Pay per click ads are also at the mercy of the fact that many people are using ad blockers these days. The ad blocker extension is actually one of the most popular of all extensions today, which countless millions of users who are all interested in being able to use the internet without having to assist with someone else’s marketing efforts. Plenty of people have tried to create an actual stigma that centers on using these sorts of ads, which is only going to make the situation worse for the people who are trying to get ahead online using this basic strategy. Pay per click can be great for the people who are actually going to manage to make it work, but it can be difficult to make it work in the first place, which is something that people are going to need to take into account before they put a lot of time and energy into this expensive and tricky method of internet marketing.

Social Media Marketing

There is a reason why social media marketing has revolutionized the world. People can spread the word about almost anything on Facebook and they will instantly have an audience, even if it is a small one and they don’t have too many followers. The people who actually do have a lot of followers can find themselves getting the word out about their goods, services, and creative works to an audience that is in the thousands or higher, which is going to be harder to achieve in any other manner.

It is important to note that the fact that social media marketing is absolutely free will make a huge difference when it comes to the efficacy of social media marketing. When people have to pay for marketing of any kinds, it can take years for that bill to actually resolve itself. People need to be able to make real sales before they’re going to be able to compensate for any of the expenses that they have accumulated, and it can be difficult to make any sales at first. The individuals who actually manage to get that far are the people who are as committed to the process of Internet marketing as possible, and it can be difficult to sustain that sort of commitment even among the people who really do care about the process.

SEO 101


Internet marketing has gotten easier over the years in some ways and harder in other ways. The number of techniques for Internet marketing seems to increase all the time, which is going to make things significantly easier for the people who are interested in trying the full portfolio of options that are available when it comes to Internet marketing. However, some of the other faithful options that people have been relying on for a long time have started to dry up in recent years as the competition increases and the overall Internet landscape changes. However, social media marketing, PPC, and SEO are still alive and well today, and new forms of Internet marketing are going to be sure to emerge on the scene all the time.

Part of the beauty of internet marketing techniques is the simple fact that many of the same internet marketing techniques are going to more or less work for all goods and services. It doesn’t really matter what people are marketing: search engine optimization is going to make it that much more likely that people are going to find the content that relates to the products. When it comes to the ads for pay per click programs, people are going to see them and respond to them or not respond to them if they see them. The ads are going to be just as noticeable one way or another, which is going to affect the strategies that people will use when it comes to marketing all of their products. People who are skilled at internet marketing can at least rest assured that they will be able to sell any product and any website. Internet marketing is a question of ‘how’ not a question of ‘what,’ which is ultimately going to make things better for everyone involved.

Pay Per Click

Pay Per Click, or PPC, has been one of the most viable forms of making money online for a while. Some people are going to use the PPC process in order to market their own products. Other people are going to use the PPC process to try to make money off of their own content. Advertisers have ads in place during the PPC setup, and they will pay a fee each and every time someone manages to click on one of the ads. The people who are hosting the ads will sometimes get a portion of that proceeds from those fees, or they will get the full sum of the fees, depending upon how their contract works.

The PPC model has some advantages and disadvantages. For one thing, just because people are clicking on the ads doesn’t actually mean that they’re going to buy anything. Plenty of people will get visitors on their websites and those visitors aren’t actually going to help them form any sort of a community, and the advertisers who are marketing their products in this manner are going to be in a similar position. The individuals who advertise and promote products in this manner are taking a larger risk than the people who are just doing standard types of social media marketing, which will typically be completely free or nearly free for anyone who is trying to participate.